Globalink contributes hearing aids and medical support for children

Jun 14, 2017

Globalink has initiated a charity campaign to support children with hearing impairment. The campaign aimed to promote the development of children by providing hearing aids to facilitate their learning skills and integration into the society.


The campaign was intended to make children's lives, deprived of sound, complete, make them believe in dreams and the primacy of goodness.      Globalink provided hearing aids to children whose parents simply couldn’t afford it. The hearing aid devices were procured by the “Medical Center SATR”, whose specialists carried out diagnostics, testing and installation of individual in-the-ear hearing aids devices for children. Globalink representatives were invited by the school, to meet the children with their new hearing-aid devices "We are extremely grateful for the concern and care of Globalink contribution, which has improved the quality of lives of children in need”, - said the Director of the School, Mrs. Alexandra Dnisheva.        

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