Humanitarian Aid from USA to Kazakhstan

Oct 10, 2012

Globalink is always honored to play a role when it comes to the transportation of humanitarian shipments. A frequent partner of many Humanitarian Aid Organizations, Globalink was approached for handling humanitarian aid which had been donated by the US government to Kazakhstan. Vital cargo weighing upwards of 500 CBM arrived to Astana Rail terminal from the United States via Riga Port, Latvia in 10 x 40 feet containers. At Riga Port, representatives from Globalink’s Ukraine Office were on hand to supervise the loading onto rail wagons for the journey to Kazakhstan.

With significant experience in rail transport and with agreements with every railway authority in the Region, needed equipment was positioned in advance and the train departed without any delays. Upon arrival Astana, our Customs Brokerage Team cleared the cargo in record time and waiting to take over were staff from our Road Transport Division as Globalink had also been designated to arrange the local distribution of the humanitarian aid within Kazakhstan.

Due to the customer requirements and destinations, onward distribution of the cargo had to be done solely by road transport. Given that this was the winter season, heavy snow and tough weather conditions in the Northern parts of the country hindered the process of distribution and made this stage one of the most challenging ones. Bad weather led to reloading of the cargo being postponed for several days as needed cranes were not able to operate in extreme sub zero temperatures.


With no change anticipated for the next several days and an anticipated winter storm to hit the following week (per weather forecast), our team set a 3 day deadline for themselves to load and dispatch the assigned trucks to multiple destinations throughout Kazakhstan before the next storm.

Starting from early morning till late in the evening and working tirelessly, goods were reloaded from containers on to trucks and prepared for further distribution. Within days the cargo was successfully delivered to each destination listed! Neither extreme weather conditions, nor technical problems prolonged the delivery time and we made sure of that. Definitely an achievement we are proud of.

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