Sara Brightman in Kazakhstan

Oct 10, 2012

Capital Day, which commemorates the establishment of Astana as the new capital of Kazakhstan, is both a public holiday as well as one of the biggest celebrations of the year in Kazakhstan. In addition to festivals and events taking place all over the city, the government always organizes a concert and it is on a massive scale. Each year a different performer is invited and this year the world-famous soprano singer Sarah Brightman was invited with her band to perform a live show. Considering the importance of the occasion, exact precision and meticulous preparation was required in organizing the logistics related to this live concert. With significant experience and an impressive track record in such events,

Globalink was honored to be assigned the responsibility for handling this event. Concert related equipment weighing well over half a ton was sent via air freight from London to Astana on precisely the last day before the start of the long holiday weekend. This obviously presented a challenge of clearing the entire shipment in less than a working day. However, Globalink rose to the occasion and with the coordinated management efforts of our Air Freight, Customs and Removals divisions, the entire process was conducted smoothly and without a single delay. With customs clearance taken care of, the shipment was delivered to the concert venue and required set up was completed. After a successful concert, and one thoroughly enjoyed by all attendees, our Removals and Relocation team went right back to work. Dismantling, packing, crating and transporting the equipment back to the airport for the flight to London was done efficiently and with minimal wastage of time. When it comes to the event logistics, Globalink ensures a quality service consistently and constantly.

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