Engines to China

29 November, 2018

Globalink Logistics proved yet once again why it is the Forwarder of choice when it comes to handling the needs of the Aerospace Industry.
Contracted to handle the transportation of an aircraft engine from Astana, Kazakhstan to Beijing, China, our various Divisions rose to the challenge. The Road Freight Team kicked things off by loading the engine after securing it to a custom-built shock-absorbent stand. The flat-bed trailer, with needed escorts and permissions already in place, departed swiftly. At Karaganda Airport, Kazakhstan, personnel from Globalink's Local Office were on-hand to continue. As the Airport had never handled such a shipment before, our Karaganda Team took up the reins by arranging needed forklifts/equipment to safely carry out the trans-loading process on to the waiting aircraft.

With export clearance taken care of, the engines were on their way. From Karaganda to Hong Kong and onwards to Beijing, our AOG Team had everything under control and ensured that the promised deadline was met. While even the slightest mishandling could have led to severe consequences, Globalink's in-depth knowledge and know-how, gained through successfully handling countless such shipments, resulted in yet another job well done!

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