Fuel Gas Compressor from UK to Armenia

Sep 25, 2012

Globalink regularly receives requests for the transportation of oversized cargo and heavy lifts. Already an expert in utilizing sea-, air, sea-air, rail, sea-rail, Globalink is also extremely proficient in handling such cargo via road as well.

Given our project handling expertise, complete coverage of the region and impeccable track record, it came as no surprise when one of the leading CIS based Oil & Gas companies approached Globalink to handle equipment for a fuel gas compressor. The compressor and lubrication skids packages arrived from UK to the Back Sea Port of Poti, Georgia and waiting at port, were representatives from Globalink Georgia’s project team. Having arranged for the needed cranes to be positioned, unloading was swift and with the cargo loaded onto 13 special axle low bed trailers (also arranged by our team), the trailers then departed for Armenia. At destination site in Armenia, Globalink Armenia’s personnel were on hand to handle customs clearance and supervise unloading at the site.

In the Oil & Gas industry, as in others, everything has to move like clockwork as the slightest delay can adversely affect operations. The compressor units had to be delivered on time, without the slightest delay and true to form, Globalink stepped up and delivered as promised.

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