Globalink for Andrea Bochelli

Jun 12, 2012

Known for its attention to detail and reliable services, Globalink once again rose to the occasion when it effectively handled the arrangements for Andrea Bochelli’s concert in Astana. The concert guest list featured Presidents of the CIS states, high ranking officials and other celebrities, therefore there was no room for error. With the concert related equipment totaling 17 tonnes and coming from 3 separate countries, our Astana Team certainly had their work cut out for them. However, with years of experience under their belts, our staff not only welcomed the challenges but also ensured they were dealt with smoothly.

From organizing shipment pick ups to arranging dedicated airfreight and ensuring that government holidays (Capital Day in Astana, holidays in Ukraine) did not disrupt continuity, Globalink successfully negotiated every hurdle. That was not an easy task as for shipments from Odessa we had only 4 days from pickup to delivery/set up in Astana. In order to meet this extremely short timeframe, Globalink organized the entire shipment in such a way that the arrival of equipment and customs clearance could be completed prior to the Customs Authority closing for the holidays. From arranging trucking to Kiev airport, the flight to Luxembourg for the connection to Almaty, immediate customs clearance in Almaty and on forwarding by truck to Astana, Globalink controlled each and every aspect to ensure there were no delays. With ongoing preparations for Capital Day, Globalink even arranged for the delivery to take place late in the evening. With our in house packing crew working well into the night, all arrangements were completed on time as promised. The concert, obviously, was a success and the following day our team was back to pack up all the equipment and deliver it back to the airport for its departure for the next concert. All in all, a superb job by Globalink Staff involved.

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