Practical hints & safety tips for your move

Dispose of flammables such as fireworks, matches, cleaning fluids, acids, ammunition, paint thinners, etc.

Drain fuel from the lawn mower and other machinery and discard any partly used cans of oil, paint, varnish or other substances that may leak.

Carefully tape and place in individual waterproof bags any jars of liquid you plan to take with you, such as prescription medication.

Refillable tanks must be purged and sealed by a local authorized propane gas dealer. Discard non-refillable tanks (such as those used for barbeque grills).

Avoid waxing or oiling wooden antiques (and fine wooden furniture) before your move as some products may soften wood, making it vulnerable to imprints from furniture pads.

Think twice before dismantling your outdoor TV antenna or satellite dish. Some are country-specific and you may discover that a new one can cost less than moving your present one.

Make sure that your gas oven is disconnected prior to your packers arriving. Any gas pipes must be shut off tightly and capped, if possible.

Electric oven: if the coils are loose they should be removed together with all other removable parts (shelves, pans, griddles, etc.) and packed separately.

Servicing — think about pre- and post-move servicing. See section 2B and consult your Globalink representative.

Refrigerators and freezers — defrost and dry fully. See section 2D for more details or talk to your Globalink representative.

Washing machines and Dryers should be serviced and motors and other moving parts secured. See section 2B for more details and consult your Globalink representative.

Televisions — it is a good idea to have them serviced before you move, particularly those with large screens. See section 2B for more details and consult your Globalink representative.

Sewing Machines — these do not require special servicing for moving. Ask the packers to put packaging material between the machine itself and the case to prevent rubbing.

Ideally all drawers should be emptied (with the exception of lightweight clothes and linens).

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