The Ethics and Compliance Hotline is an anonymous reporting mechanism to facilitate the reporting of any illegal, unethical, or improper conduct when the normal channels of communication are impractical under the circumstances or have proven ineffective.

The Ethics and Compliance Hotline is designed to provide confidentiality, and anonymity through a web-based reporting system. Globalink condemns and prohibits retaliation against anyone who reports a possible violation or participates in an investigation in good faith, even if sufficient evidence is not established to authenticate the identified conduct. Globalink will take appropriate action against any individual engaged in any form of retaliatory conduct.

This Hotline is accessible to partners, customers, vendors, employees and any other party who has entered in to a business relationship with Globalink Group including its affiliates. If you are uncertain about whom you can address your concerns, or feel uncomfortable in reporting or identifying any conduct through normal channels of communication but wish to raise this issue anonymously you may access the Ethics and Compliance Hotline.

Globalink’s Compliance Program can be read by clicking here.

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