Security Policy

Globalink Logistics is firmly dedicated to ensuring the security of our employees, properties, information, reputation, and the assets of our customers against potential threats within the supply chain. This commitment is rooted in our core values, code of conduct, business ethics, and supply chain security standards, shaping our operational practices across the entire supply chain. To uphold our high-security standards, all security-related activities must adhere to the following principles:

  • Vigilance and Responsibility: Each employee and contractor must consistently be aware of and take responsibility for the security aspects of their roles within the company’s business operations.
  • Regular Threat Analysis: Regularly conducted threat analyses and risk evaluations are crucial to anticipating potential security issues.
  • Integrated Security Practices: Security procedures and guidelines should be fully integrated into our daily business operations.
  • Incident Prevention Focus: Our primary objective should always be the prevention of security incidents.
  • Preparedness Planning: Comprehensive response plans should be developed and regularly tested to ensure quick and effective reactions to assessed risks.
  • Regular Security Reviews: Regular inspections, validations, and verifications of security measures and procedures must be conducted by security auditors to maintain high security standards for Globalink Logistics’ operations.
  • Staff Competence: We must ensure the highest level of professionalism, knowledge, and integrity among our staff involved in security matters.
  • Procedural Efficiency: Appropriate plans for training, customer screening, recruitment, contracting, and termination procedures must be established and effectively implemented.
  • Incident Reporting and Correction: All incidents, including security breaches and irregularities, must be reported, recorded, and followed up with corrective action. Regular verification ensures continual enhancement of our overall security standards.

This policy, approved by the Management Board, will be reviewed and, if necessary, revised annually to ensure its relevance and effectiveness. It will be publicly accessible on our company website. We welcome feedback from all interested parties on both the enforcement and substance of this policy.

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