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EPC [Engineering, Construction, and Procurement]

Globalink Logistics offers various services to engineering, construction, and procurement companies. Some of the services they offer include:

  • Project Logistics Management: Globalink Logistics provides project logistics management services to construction and engineering companies, which include planning, organizing, and managing logistics for large-scale construction projects.
  • Freight Forwarding: Globalink Logistics manages the transportation of equipment, machinery, and other goods for engineering, construction, and procurement companies by air, sea, or land.
  • Customs Clearance: Globalink Logistics handles customs clearance for imported or exported goods, ensuring compliance with all regulations, and minimizing delays.
  • Warehousing and Storage: Globalink Logistics offers warehousing and storage solutions for equipment, machinery, and other goods, providing secure and safe storage until they are ready to be shipped.
  • Heavy Lift and Oversized Cargo Transport: Globalink Logistics can arrange transportation for heavy lift cargo and oversized goods, such as cranes, bulldozers, and other construction equipment.
  • Dangerous Goods Transport: Globalink Logistics can handle the transportation of dangerous goods, ensuring compliance with all regulations and safety protocols.
  • Documentation and Compliance: Globalink Logistics provides documentation services, including bills of lading, customs declarations, and other necessary paperwork to ensure compliance with all regulations.
  • Cargo Insurance: Globalink Logistics can provide cargo insurance to protect against damage or loss during transit.
  • Supply Chain Management: Globalink Logistics can help engineering, construction, and procurement companies optimize their supply chains by managing inventory, coordinating transport, and optimizing delivery schedules.
  • Vendor Management: Globalink Logistics can assist with vendor management by coordinating with suppliers, ensuring the timely delivery of goods, and managing any issues that arise during the procurement process.
  • Value-Added Services: Globalink Logistics offers value-added services such as order management, packaging, labelling, and order fulfilment to help engineering, construction, and procurement companies streamline their logistics operations.
  • Site Supervision: Globalink Logistics offers on-site supervision services to engineering, construction, and procurement companies, providing oversight and coordination of logistics operations at construction sites or other project locations.
  • Customs Consultancy: Globalink Logistics provides customs consultancy services to engineering, construction, and procurement companies, ensuring compliance with customs regulations and minimizing the risk of delays or penalties.

By providing these specialized services, Globalink enables EPC companies to operate more efficiently, maintain product quality, and better respond to market demands.

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