• Road and rail freight services from Globalink Logistics are versatile, capable of transporting a diverse range of goods. These services can accommodate different types of cargo, considering factors such as the goods' nature, distance, urgency, and cost. Examples of goods that can be transported include general cargo, perishable goods, hazardous materials, bulk goods, automobiles, and household goods for road freight, as well as bulk goods, intermodal containers, heavy machinery, oil and gas, wood products, and manufactured goods for rail freight.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics provides GPS monitoring and surveillance services that enable real-time tracking of shipments during road and rail transportation.
  • Globalink Logistics employs various measures to ensure the safety and security of goods during transit, including proper packaging and labeling, cargo securing, GPS tracking systems, seals and locks, security personnel, careful route planning, insurance coverage, and detailed cargo inspection and documentation.
  • Yes, expedited delivery or 'express' shipping services are available with road freight services from Globalink Logistics, ensuring faster transit times for your cargo.
  • The maximum weight allowed for international air freight services varies depending on factors like the airline, aircraft type, and route. Generally, the maximum weight for a single piece of cargo ranges from 100 to 150 kilograms for most commercial airlines and cargo carriers. Heavier loads may be palletized or placed in containers, with weight limits up to several tons. Specialized cargo aircraft may be used for oversized or extremely heavy cargo.
  • Air freight costs are calculated based on various factors, including the airline, route, cargo weight, and other variables. To receive an accurate calculation of your air freight costs, please fill out the Request For Quote form provided by Globalink Logistics.
  • Yes, air freight is a suitable mode of transportation for perishable items, including food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive goods.
  • Globalink Logistics assists with customs clearance for air freight by preparing and submitting necessary documentation, ensuring compliance with customs regulations, calculating duties and taxes, and coordinating with customs authorities for inspection and clearance, thus facilitating the legal and efficient importation of goods into the destination country.
  • Multimodal transportation services offer cost efficiency, risk mitigation, flexibility, and sustainability benefits for logistics and supply chain management. This approach can result in shorter transit times, reduced costs, and enhanced cargo security by combining various modes of transport.
  • Timely delivery with multimodal transportation is ensured through meticulous route planning, real-time tracking, and proactive communication with logistics partners. Technology, contingency planning, and streamlined transshipment processes further contribute to meeting delivery deadlines across various transportation modes.
  • Yes, a single shipment can utilize various transport modes, such as road, rail, sea, and air, in what is known as multimodal transportation. This approach offers efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions, often resulting in shorter transit times and reduced shipping costs.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics provides warehousing and storage solutions as part of its services.
  • Security measures at Globalink Logistics warehouses include perimeter security, intrusion detection systems, security personnel, access control, inventory control, and IT security.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics offers inventory management as part of its warehousing services, including tracking, reporting, and controlling the movement of goods within the warehouses.
  • Globalink Logistics warehouses can accommodate a wide range of goods, including general cargo, perishable items, hazardous materials, automobiles, e-commerce inventory, raw materials, consumer goods, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and more.
  • For customs clearance, you will need to provide documents such as a commercial invoice, bill of lading or air waybill, packing list, customs declaration, certificate of origin, import/export license, insurance certificate, and any specialized certificates required for specific goods.
  • Globalink Logistics can help reduce customs duties and taxes by ensuring proper tariff classification, valuation methods, origin determination, compliance with free trade agreements, duty drawback programs, customs consulting, and other strategies to optimize customs procedures and minimize costs.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics can handle customs for goods shipped with another carrier.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics can assist with international relocations. For more information and to request a quote, please fill out the provided form.
  • Globalink Logistics ensures the protection of your belongings during the moving process through professional packing and other protective measures.
  • Globalink Logistics ensures pet safety during transit with specialized carriers, climate control, experienced handlers, and adherence to relevant regulations.
  • Yes, specific documents required for international pet relocation include health certificates, vaccination records, and import permits.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics handles both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) shipping needs. As a global freight forwarding and logistics company, they offer a comprehensive range of shipping and transportation services to accommodate the requirements of various customers, including businesses engaged in international trade and individual consumers in need of international or domestic shipping.
  • Globalink Logistics operates primarily in regions across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.
  • You can track your shipment using the GPS monitoring and surveillance service provided by Globalink Logistics, which allows for real-time tracking of your shipment's location throughout its journey.
  • Globalink Logistics accept bank transfers for payment.
  • Yes, you can receive an estimate of shipping costs by requesting a quote through the provided link.
  • Globalink Logistics' pricing policy for bulk shipments is determined based on factors such as shipment volume, weight and destination.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics has an extensive network in Central Asia, providing seamless freight forwarding and shipping services across the region.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics has the capability to handle shipments to and from the Caucasus Republics, offering a range of shipping options to meet customers' needs.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics provides a wide range of shipping and logistics services in the Baltic States, leveraging its extensive network to offer efficient and reliable solutions.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics has a strong network in Europe, allowing for seamless freight forwarding and shipping services across the continent.
  • Globalink Logistics offers a comprehensive range of shipping and logistics services in the Middle East, including air and sea freight, road and rail transportation, warehousing, customs clearance, and more.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics has a well-established network in Asia, providing seamless freight forwarding and shipping services across the region.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics has a strong presence in China, with strategic locations that allow for efficient and reliable shipping services.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics has the capability to handle shipments to and from the USA, providing a range of options to meet customers' needs.
  • Yes, Globalink Logistics has an extensive network in South America, offering a comprehensive range of shipping and logistics services.
  • Globalink Logistics has a network in 65 countries, providing seamless freight forwarding and shipping services worldwide.
  • The benefits of Globalink Logistics' worldwide network include the ability to provide comprehensive and efficient shipping solutions across the globe, with local expertise and support in each region to ensure smooth and reliable service.

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