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Globalink Logistics Strengthens Multimodal Transport Link: Poti – Central Asia

Poti Central Asia

Globalink Logistics has launched an innovative multimodal transportation service, bridging Poti, Georgia, with Central Asia. This pioneering sea-rail and sea-road service revolutionizes Eurasian logistics, providing a crucial link between these significant regions.

The company’s extensive service network, covering Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and North America, positions it to enhance import and export operations significantly. A vital aspect of this service network is the strategic sea freight connections linking 65 countries to the vital Poti Port in Georgia and company-owned road and rail transportation assets in Central Asia. Globalink’s presence in pivotal locations like Poti, Baku, and Aktau, along with its strong Central Asian service station networks, underscores its ability to offer seamless door-to-door services.

Globalink showcases its versatility in accommodating a wide range of cargo types, including dry, breakbulk, oversized, and temperature-controlled goods backed by comprehensive risk management and value-added services. This adaptability makes it a valuable logistics partner across various industries.

The Globalink 32 regional offices symbolize a strategic effort to connect the Central Asian business community more effectively with global markets. This move by Globalink Logistics is anticipated to significantly enhance trade and economic growth throughout Central Asia, highlighting its commitment to improving regional connectivity.

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