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Globalink Triumphs with “THLG” The Heavy Lift Group’s Project of the Year Award 2024

Globalink Triumphs with “THLG” The Heavy Lift Group’s Project of the Year Award 2024The Heavy Lift Group (THLG) annually recognizes exceptional achievements within its network and the “Project of the Year” award highlights the most significant accomplishments in managing complex industrial projects. During the 70th THLG conference held in The Hague in May 2024, THLG honored Globalink with this prestigious award for their outstanding management of the “1500 MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) power project” in Uzbekistan.

A Landmark Achievement

Globalink’s management of the CCGT power project spanned from 2023 to 2024, showcasing their expertise in industrial project logistics and heavy lift management. This project involved transporting and delivering over 100 out-of-gauge and overweight (OOG/OW) items. The critical components, including gas turbines (GTs), gas turbine generators (GTGs), stators, transformers, and Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) modules, were sourced from various locations such as the USA, China, Japan, and Europe.

The logistical execution of this project, comprising nearly 500,000 tons, was a testament to Globalink’s capabilities, handling components ranging from 100 metric tons to 517 metric tons. The complex operation spanned 13 months, successfully delivering all crucial elements to the remote project site in Uzbekistan.

Recognition of Excellence

Receiving the THLG “Project of the Year” award is a significant milestone for Globalink, underscoring their dedication and proficiency in managing large-scale industrial projects. This achievement is a distinct recognition of the hard work and intelligent strategies employed by the Globalink project logistics team, who coordinated efforts across multiple locations worldwide to ensure the project’s success.

Globalink expressed genuine pride in receiving this award, acknowledging it as a testament to their team’s relentless commitment and expertise in executing challenging logistics operations. The successful completion of the CCGT power project highlights Globalink’s capabilities and sets a high standard for project logistics and heavy lift management within the industry.

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