Getting the most out of your relocation budget

Whether you decide to pack your belongings yourself or leave it to our team of professionals, we consider density, and a combination of weight and cubic volume while determining the cost of your shipment. Large odd-shaped items decrease space efficiency and increase the cubic volume of your shipment. To minimize the volume and costs, there are certain items which may not make sense to take, such as:

  • Rattan / Wicker furniture.
  • Large quantities of disposable diapers.
  • Large plastic outdoor children’s toys.
  • Large plastic items such as laundry baskets & rubbish bins (it is probably cheaper to buy new at your destination).

Whenever possible, substitute stand-up style boxes for lay-down wardrobe boxes. Save space and cost by having all items that might require servicing disconnected and disassembled. For example: beds, cribs, wardrobes, washing machine, dryer, desks, mirrors on dressers, cabinets, bookcases, TV and stereo equipment.

Maximizing cost-efficiency

At Globalink we are available whenever and wherever you need us. Our worldwide network of agents and offices allows us to stay in close contact with you, answering questions and managing every stage of your move.

Providing you with the most cost-effective delivery strategy for your shipment requires a combination of the latest technology and the most professional staff. Our highly trained staff will calculate the best way to transport your shipment. In order to optimize cost-efficiency, we’ll consider the following variables:

  • Method of transportation.
  • Your Final destination.
  • How soon you will need your shipment.

At Globalink we are committed to your total satisfaction: it is our goal. Your dedicated coordinator is there during every step of your move to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Shipping Containers for every application

When it comes to shipping your possessions overseas, you can feel confident knowing that they will be carefully containerized for export. Note: Depending upon individual circumstances, your shipment may be loaded into containers at your residence or at our warehouse.

Based on the size of your shipment, handling requirements and destination, there are several types of containers and shipping methods that may be utilized. Rest assured, all of them are designed to maximize cost-efficiency and provide you with real value. They include:

  • Air shipments, which are loaded into waterproof wooden or corrugated containers.
  • Small ocean shipments, which are loaded into waterproof, wooden lift van containers.
  • Large ocean shipments, which are packed into steel steamship containers (it is possible for household goods to be loaded into wooden lift vans prior to being loaded into the steamship container).

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