While the idea of packing your own belongings is tempting, sometimes it’s better left to the professionals. When we pack for you, your house is completely livable until the day before you move, and our professional moving cartons mean better loading and improved density, which saves space and money.

When it comes to shipment protection, Globalink’s level of professionalism is unmatched. The first step in protecting your shipment for the trip is proper packing.

When you choose to have Globalink pack for you:

  • All packing materials and cartons are new.
  • All china, glass and crystal are individually wrapped before packing.
  • Cartons are taped across the top, bottom and all sides.
  • All rugs and carpets are rolled and wrapped.
  • Your name, room item location and contents are marked on each carton.
  • Custom-made crates are used for fragile pieces.

At Globalink we train our staff on the safest way to pack, ensuring the safe transportation of your shipment. That training allows us to minimize the likelihood of damage in shipment and ensures your total satisfaction. However, if you decide to pack your own belongings, Globalink cannot be responsible for any damaged items.

Packing with maximum Protection

If you decide to pack yourself, you’ll need to know some useful tips. We’ve included a table (following page) describing all of the available specialized boxes, cartons and packing materials that will make packing your belongings easier. Globalink can provide everything you need.

To expedite the Customs clearance process at the destination, let Globalink make sure the contents of your boxes/cartons are professionally packed and properly itemized on the inventory sheet.

When you’ve finished packing, do not tape the boxes/cartons shut. Globalink will itemize and seal your belongings for safe travel.

Note: All boxes and containers need to be clearly labelled with their contents as this will help you to avoid any questions and delays at Customs.

2 cu. ft boxes (book box) Used for heavy or dense items including books, shoes, canned goods, kitchen canisters, small appliances and hand or power tools.
4 cu. ft boxes General-purpose size. Good for toys, pots, pans, kitchen utensils, etc.
5 and 6 cu. ft boxes Good for large lightweight items such as pillows, bedding and toys. Do not overload.
stand-up wardrobe boxes Equipped with a bar for hanging clothes, curtains and draperies. Does increase the volume of the shipment.

Note: The bottom is not designed to support weight; do not pack other items in the bottom of these cartons.

lay-down wardrobe boxes Used for hanging clothes, curtains and draperies. The box lays down flat, conserving space in the container.
mirror boxes Telescoping, large and small sizes. They provide extra protection for mirrors, large pictures and glass tabletops.
mattress boxes Available in crib, twin, standard double and queen/ king sizes.
Custom crates Wooden crates can be custom-built in various sizes. These crates are ideal for marble furniture, chandeliers, antiques and other valuable items.
export wrapping Available to wrap and protect furniture and larger items.

Export wrapping

All items that are not suitable for packing will be export-wrapped for transport. These items include furniture, large bulky pieces and large appliances. These items are export wrapped as standard, and where items require additional protection, double-wrapping and crating is performed at a small charge. Proper export wrapping requires the following steps:

  • All furniture is dismantled (if appropriate).
  • All tools and screws are put in a designated hardware box and marked on the inventory accordingly.
  • All furniture is wrapped with export wrapping material.
  • Corner pads are used to provide additional protection.
  • All paper pad seams are sealed using export vinyl tape.
  • Bubble wrap is used for fragile items.
  • For Tips on Packing see Appendix I.

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