Tips for Packing

  • The most important thing to help you to save time, money and avoid confusion and frustration is to use common sense when packing.
  • It is a good idea to have a dozen more boxes than you think you’ll need.
  • Don’t save all your packing until the last day! Start packing things not needed early on. Packing will become more tedious as the move day approaches.
  • Back up all your computer files (floppy or CD) and leave a copy with someone you trust.
  • Pack heavier things such as books in smaller boxes, and pack lighter things in progressively larger boxes. The boxes should never be heavier than you can handle.
  • To prevent warping, pack books flat and alternate the direction. Use small boxes.
  • You can use pillows, towels and linens to pack around some delicate items.
  • Disassemble items that need to be taken apart and carefully label and save any hardware involved.
  • Ideally drawers should be emptied (with the exception of clothes and linens).
  • Drain fuel from lawn mowers and other machinery.
  • Leave behind partly used cans of paint, oil, thinner, or any other substances that may leak.
  • Empty, completely defrost and thoroughly dry the refrigerator and freezer. The door should be left open for several hours after defrosting. All boxes, trays, crispers, shelves and other removable parts should be removed and wrapped separately. Have your refrigerator serviced. The motor may need to be bolted down before moving. Do not plug it in at your new home until it has been unbolted.
  • Electric ovens: if the coils are loose they should be removed, together with all other removable parts (shelves, pans, griddles, etc.) and packed separately.
  • Filing cabinet and desk drawers should be empty.
  • Make sure all metal items are clean and dry before packing. If they are liable to rust, wipe them with a cloth dampened with a little machine oil.
  • Avoid using newspaper for wrapping items — it leaves an inky mess.
  • Don’t pack your toolbox until the end; you may need some of your tools.
  • Don’t pack your cheque book and other important documents (e.g. passports, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, etc.). These should be carried with you.

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